Monday, May 27, 2013

A Tour of The Dollhouse

Hi Everyone, this is Rebecca! It's raining here, and Kirsten is helping Christina with a special project, so I decided to give you a tour of our dollhouse!

Upstairs: This is our kitchen, we've still got some canned items from summer, yum! (AG's Kit's stove)

Our dining room and our washer and ironing board (AG's retired Samantha's table and chairs, Kit's washday set)

Our piano with homemade picture frames featuring us and our friends! (AG piano)

Missy, Kirsten's cat (AG's retired Kirsten's cat)

Downstairs: our closet etc. (Target)

More of our closet, so many shoes!

Our craft table and school desk (AG's retired Chrissa's craft table and Molly's desk)

Our homemade bunkbeds! And our toy trunk. :)

A full view. 
So, that's our house! What do you think?
~ Rebecca
Rebecca is wearing AG's retired Zip-up Sweatsuit outfit


  1. I LOVE your doll house! Where did you get the doll beds? :)

  2. Thanks! My dad made them and I made the bedding, but it's all a little small. :)

  3. Such an awesome house to live in! :P


  4. Awesome! So pretty! :) I see you have Lanie's Nature Outfit, I have been looking for one. You aren't by any chance selling it?

    1. Thanks! No, sorry, I love that outfit!

    2. Oh thats ok!! :) Thanks for the reply!

  5. Your dollhouse is awesome! I really, really like it. Very cute!

    Adollable Dolls

  6. cute! I love all the little details :)


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