Friday, July 26, 2013

25 Follower Giveaway

Wheeee! 25 28 followers! and a giveaway! Our sponsor is Daisy Chains, which is actually Christina's shop. :)  First off, we're going to do a little interview with Christina so that you can get to know her better!

R & K: How did you get into American Girl dolls?
C: When I was about 6 or 7 we got a catalogue in the mail, and of course I immediately wanted a doll. I had several baby dolls already, but these dolls were completely different! I really wanted Samantha, but I never actually told my parents! I ended up getting a JLY that looks a lot like Samantha the Christmas that I was 7. When I was 10 I bought Kirsten with all of the money that I had. 

R & K: How did you start sewing?
C: I had wanted to learn to sew ever since I was fairly young, but it wasn't until I was 10 that I got the chance. I took classes at an after school 4H program, and then the next year we started a 4H club for sewing. Once I started, I never stopped!

R & K: What got you to sell your doll clothes?
C: I made sundresses for my dolls and then my mom suggested that I sell them at our Farmers Market on Kids Day, a day that kids get a booth for free. I did this 4 different times, and had great success! This year, however, I no longer counted as a kid, so we decided to open an Etsy shop, and it's been awesome!

Thanks Christina! Don't forget to check out her shop, Daisy Chains! Now, onto the giveaway!

Christina made us a fun Hawaiian sundress that comes with a pretty shell necklace!

A close-up of the shirring
The necklace.
The necklace is one piece that closes in the back with a toggle clasp

The straps close in the back with Velcro

I'm sure you all want to know how you can enter to win this darling dress!
 - You must be a public follower of Simply Dollightful
 - Comment below saying that you want to enter
 - You need parent's permission to give out your address
 - Tell us what you would wear this dress for!
 - August 2nd is the last day to enter, giving you one week to enter.
And that's it, plain and simple! Enter away! The winner will be chosen by random drawing on August 3rd! Good luck!
~ Rebecca and Kirsten
P.S. Feel free to use the first pic to spread the word!


  1. I want to enter!!!!
    I have permission.
    I would wear this dress for Project Runway!!!!
    I love that dress!!!!

  2. I would love to enter!! I would wear this dress for a nice day at the beach!! :)

  3. I'd like to enter! :) I have permission and I would wear this dress for summer vacation!

    ~ Jessica

  4. I'd love to enter! :). I have parents' permission! :). I would wear this dress for a fun day with friends! :). Thanks!

  5. Thanks for having a giveaway! :)
    We would wear this dress to the BEACH!
    I have parents' permission!

  6. I would love to enter. Nice job Christina! I have my parents permission and My doll would wear it to 2 things: The beach and walk in a field of flowers. Thanks for the giveaway! And I also follow.

    1. And I would wear it to the American Girl Place!

  7. It's beautiful! I definitely want to enter! I have parents permission. We'd wear this dress for a fun day at the beach!

  8. Really cute! My dolls would so wear it to the beach!

  9. Hey! I would like to eneter! My mom said I could! My dolls would wear it to the party Molly is having! She is having a Luau!
    thx! do I have to post this on my blog telling people about your giveaway???

    -meghan at

    1. Awesome! Thanks everyone for entering!

      Meghan: No, that is not a requirement, but you can if you want to!

  10. I would wear it to a beach for low tide

  11. I would wear it to Orlando, FL! Also at the beach! I am a follower as Emily!

  12. I'm a follower, and I would like to enter Christina! I would wear it to the harbor, for tea on the dock with my dolls. Man-that would be fun...too bad I'm a million miles from the ocean... ;)


    P.S. Thx. for commenting on my blog...

  13. I would like to enter and I have my parents permission. I would wear this dress on a super hot and sticky summer day and/or to the beach! :) Thank you for hosting this lovely giveaway! By the way, your header is the most awesome header! I really, really like the design of it and the pictures. Just gorgeous!

    Katie/Adollable Dolls :)

    1. Thanks Katie! And everyone else! We're so excited to be doing a giveaway!

  14. I would love to enter!!!!! I am a public follower (I should be the green swirl on the follower button.). I have a parent's permission. My doll's would wear that dress to their summer picnic!!!!! Good luck to everyone!!!!


  15. I'd love to enter! I'm a follower, I think the dress is really cute! I would wear it to the beach.

  16. Id love to enter! I would wear this on a day of spring break. The weather would be warm with cool breezes. Also, it would be a day at the picnic! We would eat pb & j's and jump into the pool together as a doll family! Good Luck Everyone!
    ~The Doll Crafters <3


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