Thursday, September 12, 2013

New TOMS at Daisy Chains!

Hello friends! Christina has made some new TOMS for Daisy Chains! She made three pairs, but one sold already. :)

She decided to trim the shoes with white foam instead of the braided hemp to give them a more sporty/back-to-school look. What do you think? Be sure to stop by Daisy Chains!
~Rebecca and Kirsten
P.S. Don't worry if all you see are sundresses, we're working on making some warmer clothing right now!


  1. OOOOH!I LOVE the rainbow-chevron toms, Christina! Too Cute!


  2. I think doll shoes are the hardest things to make. I've tried, and that's why my doll is just about shoe-less! I am admiring your skill. Great job.

    1. They're certainly a challenge! Thank you!

  3. I love those rainbow shoes too!


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