Monday, December 23, 2013

Decorating Gingerbread Houses

Today Kirsten and I made our gingerbread houses!!

We already built it; isn't it cute?!

I started by putting frosting on the roof so that Kirsten could decorate it.

I was squeezing away when crash! all the m&ms fell on the floor!

"Oops, sorry about that!" Kirsten giggled. "I'll pick them up!"

When she finished cleaning her mess, I turned the house around so that she could decorate it.

"I think I'll alternate green and red m&ms for the roof," Kirsten said

"That's really pretty!!" I said. Then I turned the house around again so she could finish the other side.

Kirsten smiled. "Thanks!"

"What should we do next, Becca?"

"Let's put some trees around the house!"

We placed one on each corner.

"I'll put a tree between the windows." suggested Kirsten 

While she did that, I squeezed some frosting in front of the door.

"Ooh, let's make a path of sprinkles!!"

Then Kirsten put a little sprinkle doorknob on...

and I framed the door with frosting!

"Wow, it's so cute!" I said.

How do you like it?

Sorry we've been so long in posting! Hope you enjoyed!
~ Rebecca and Kirsten


  1. Those pictures are adorable! How did you make that gingerbread house structure?

    1. Thank you!! I have a book with human-size gingerbread house patterns and I just scanned one into the computer and printed it out doll size. When I was making our regular gingerbread house dough, I just cut out the little one and baked it along with the others!

  2. Hello Kirsten and Rebecca! I would like to give you an award for having such an awesome blog! I love the way that you write! You have an awesome blog/life! Thank You for telling others about your awesome life!!!
    (The link for the award.You may have to copy and paste to get to it.)
    Thank You!!!

  3. I absolutely LOVE this!!!!!!!


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