Saturday, January 18, 2014


There was quite a hustle and bustle in the dollhouse the other day...
Kirsten was hastily dusting the furniture,

while I added a few last-minute sprinkles to the cookies.

You see, a special visitor was coming and we were trying to fix up the house...

When she finished dusting, Kirsten set the table.

"Why don't you put the bowl of peaches on the table, too?" I suggested, "They're so pretty in our big bowl!" Then I began working on the sandwiches.

"Okay! That's a great idea! Oh, and we're going to need another chair." Kirsten said, reaching for the bowl. 

By the time I made it back up, Kirsten had finished setting the table. It looked so nice!

Knock-knock Kirsten and I stopped suddenly and looked at each other. Our guest was here!

Kirsten raced to the door, ripping off her cap as she ran.

I hurriedly hung up my apron and went to the door, excited to see her!

Kirsten had opened the door and was just saying "Hi, I'm Kirsten!" when I walked up. "And I'm Rebecca, or Becca!" I added.

"I'm Charlotte," our visitor pronounced, "and I'm your new sister!"

I was so happy that I just hugged her! 

Then Kirsten gave her a big hug, too.

"Wow," I said, "This is wonderful! We've always wanted another sister! I haven't been so excited since Kirsten came!" 

Then Kirsten went to put away her apron, and I showed Charlotte to a seat.

"I'm so excited to have a family!" Charlotte exclaimed. "Well, we're just as excited to have another sister!" I said.

"So," said Kirsten, pouring the milk, "tell us about yourself!"

"Well, I'm eleven years old-" "Right in-between us!" I interrupted. "Really? That's so neat!" she said, then continued. "I like acting and writing and I love being outside. I've always wanted to play the piano and to write a book!"

"That's really neat!" said Kirsten, "Have you been in any plays?"

Before she could answer, I brought in a platter with the cookies and a gift.

"Here, Charlotte, this is for you," I said, handing her the gift and a cookie.

"Oh wow!" she said, "I love them! Thank you so much!!"

It was so much fun. She loved the earrings (and the cookies!) and we had a wonderful time with her! 

Hope you enjoyed!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Doll Wardrobe

Hey Everyone!
We should have a normal post up in a couple days, but we wanted to let you know about this awesome blog: The Doll Wardrobe! They're having a giveaway when they reach 700 followers on their blog, 1350 followers on Pinterest, or 950 followers on Facebook! 
They're fairly close to some of their goals!

If you're not already following them (which we rather doubt...;)) go check them out!

When they reach one of their goals, they will give away a $60 AG gift card to a random person who entered!

You can enter here. :)

That's all for now! A post should hopefully be coming soon!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Let it Snow!

It finally snowed here! I grabbed a coat, pulled on my boots, and ran outside!
It was getting dark, so these pictures are a little blurry. 

I hope it snows more!! I can't wait to go sledding!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

AG's Newest Release

Christina here with some thoughts on AG's new release!
Isabelle: She is very pretty; I love the hair-eye combination, even if we have seen it before. I'm not big into the angle-cut of the shirt, but it is cute with the pants. I don't really like her shoes, though. I won't be buying her, but I will definitely enter contests to win her!

Isabelle's Pajamas: I feel like the color is too close to the Purple Peacock pajamas, and the pants are really strange...

Isabelle's Metallic Dress: I like the color scheme, but the design feels really mish-mash. It's like she has a t-shirt on, but then there's a mesh overlay that's only over one shoulder. And why the sequins? I don't think they fit. This outfit really disapointed me; I feel like it's not any style except when a little girl puts together a mis-match outfit with all her favorite pieces.

Isabelle's Performance Set: I really like this. If I was into ballet I would consider getting it (on sale, of course...). I love the colors and design (though the unitard is odd). It reminds me a little of what I wore in ballet.

Isabelle's Accessories: I like the idea, but everything says Isabelle, so it's not very versatile. 

Isabelle's Scrunch Pants: I don't usually like sweatpants/yoga pants sort of things, but these are really cute on the dolls.  Definitely would consider getting.

Isabelle's Dance Skirt: I think this is super cute!

Pretty Pink Outfit: I think there is way too much pink in this. I like pink, but this feels like a ballet princess outfit, and with all the ballet stuff for Isabelle, I feel like it's overkill. The design is odd, too.

Platform Sandals: I think these are really cute and would consider getting them.

I know there were other items, but they were either too expensive or didn't interest me. :)

Hope you enjoyed!

Friday, January 3, 2014

Free 2014 Printable Calendar

Hi everyone!!

Remember the calendar that we got for Christmas? We thought you all might like to know where we got it.

The calendar is the "Year of Colour" from Design is Yay. However, it is supposed to be printed on A4
paper, which we don't own, so here's what we did instead:

1. Download the calendar (don't forget to save it somewhere that you can find it!)

2. Open one of the PDF pages.

3. Use the snipping tool to "cut" the calendar pages out and then save them. (To use the snipping tool, click on the Start button and search "snipping tool." Open the snipping tool and click "new." Then outline the area that you want to "snip." When you lift your finger from the mouse, a window will pop up asking you to save your picture.)

4. Once you have all of the pages, select them all (using the Control key) and print them out wallet size.

5. Cut them out, and you're done! Voila! A beautiful mini calendar!

Hope you enjoyed this short tutorial!
~Rebecca and Kirsten

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Our Christmas!//Happy New Year!!

I know it's a week since Christmas, but we wanted to share ours with you all anyway!!
*Disclaimer: It was super grey and foggy outside, so our lighting was quite bad. We are very sorry for the poor quality of these photos and hope that you enjoy the story nonetheless*

On Christmas morning, I woke up to the sound of Jingle Bells and the smell of gingerbread.

Suddenly, I realized that it was Christmas morning and that Rebecca was playing the piano while waiting for me!

I quickly slipped into my dress, which I had laid out the night before. Rebecca and I always wear our winter dresses and do our hair the prettiest way we know how for Christmas!

Then I pulled on my cozy winter socks

I checked my hair in our warped mirror (I had done it the night before)

and finally, I put on my amber heart necklace.

When I came upstairs, Rebecca was still playing Christmas music. The house looked so pretty with our gingerbread house on the table, the presents under the tree, and the snowflakes on the wall.

Rebecca finished her song and then turned towards me

"Merry Christmas!!" she said.

"Merry Christmas!" I said, and hugged her. "Your curls turned out perfectly!!" Rebecca had worked really hard on her curls the night before, because they didn't always want to curl nicely.

"Thank you! Your hair is super cute, too!" and with that we sat down, each with a present in our lap. All of the presents were for both of us this time.

"You can go first, Becca," I said.

"Thanks!" she said, and ripped open the present. 

"It's a lego man for our collection!!" she exclaimed, picking him up and putting him together.

"He's a sea captain and he has an awesome little seagull!"

After we admired him a little, I opened the other present.

"Oh Rebecca, look at this sweet calendar! It's so pretty!" We were really excited to get such a nice calendar. 

There was only one present left so Becca suggested that we open it together.

"Ready, set, go!"

When we saw what it was, we stopped and looked at each other. It was a Caroline doll! We had always wanted an American Girl doll but Christina thought they were too expensive.

I pulled her out of the box and Rebecca let me hold her first. "She's so pretty!" I said, "Her eyes are the loveliest aqua color!"

Then Rebecca took her, "I love her hair!" she said.

We sat there, oohing and aahing over her, we were so excited!

Then I got up and cleared the paper away, and when I came back, Rebecca had stacked the boxes nicely and set Caroline up beside the tree.

She sat back down at the piano and we sang Christmas carols until breakfast.

Happy new year! A huge thank-you to all of our followers! We started this blog in May and now have 60 followers! This has been so much fun, and everyone's comments are so kind and encouraging! 
Thank you all!!
~ Kirsten