Sunday, January 5, 2014

AG's Newest Release

Christina here with some thoughts on AG's new release!
Isabelle: She is very pretty; I love the hair-eye combination, even if we have seen it before. I'm not big into the angle-cut of the shirt, but it is cute with the pants. I don't really like her shoes, though. I won't be buying her, but I will definitely enter contests to win her!

Isabelle's Pajamas: I feel like the color is too close to the Purple Peacock pajamas, and the pants are really strange...

Isabelle's Metallic Dress: I like the color scheme, but the design feels really mish-mash. It's like she has a t-shirt on, but then there's a mesh overlay that's only over one shoulder. And why the sequins? I don't think they fit. This outfit really disapointed me; I feel like it's not any style except when a little girl puts together a mis-match outfit with all her favorite pieces.

Isabelle's Performance Set: I really like this. If I was into ballet I would consider getting it (on sale, of course...). I love the colors and design (though the unitard is odd). It reminds me a little of what I wore in ballet.

Isabelle's Accessories: I like the idea, but everything says Isabelle, so it's not very versatile. 

Isabelle's Scrunch Pants: I don't usually like sweatpants/yoga pants sort of things, but these are really cute on the dolls.  Definitely would consider getting.

Isabelle's Dance Skirt: I think this is super cute!

Pretty Pink Outfit: I think there is way too much pink in this. I like pink, but this feels like a ballet princess outfit, and with all the ballet stuff for Isabelle, I feel like it's overkill. The design is odd, too.

Platform Sandals: I think these are really cute and would consider getting them.

I know there were other items, but they were either too expensive or didn't interest me. :)

Hope you enjoyed!


  1. AG disappointed me too. They could definitely do better. I'm having my 1st giveaway on my blog Please enter. Thanks!

  2. I LOVE Isabelle, but most of the stuff in her collection doesn't look anything like the stuff we wore for classical ballet when I did it, it looks more like stuff you'd wear for some kind of modern dance. I'm considering getting Isabelle though, because I need an older sister for Melody, and she looks a lot like her. AG could've done much better though, with designing her collection. In fact, if submissions could be sent in for design ideas, I would've sent in hundreds, all that I thought would be appropriate for dance and everyday wear! I really want to be a fashion designer, maybe even for AG. I think it would be the BEST FUN EVER and I wish I could do it right now :(

    Sorry if that sounded a bit garbled, I'm just really excited about her!

    Poor Melody got her hand chewed today. Any ideas of where I would find a replacement arm for her? Any suggestions would be helpful!


    1. I agree, it seems like practice clothing for modern dance. That would be really fun!
      It's okay, dolls are exciting!
      Aw, that's too bad! No, I don't know anything about that, sorry!

    2. That's okay. I probably won't be replacing it anyway. The teeth marks aren't very many, and her hand isn't actually disfigured, so I think I'll leave her like that. At least for now, anyway. Her "scars" make her more like a real person, and it's a sign that she's been very well loved.


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