Friday, January 3, 2014

Free 2014 Printable Calendar

Hi everyone!!

Remember the calendar that we got for Christmas? We thought you all might like to know where we got it.

The calendar is the "Year of Colour" from Design is Yay. However, it is supposed to be printed on A4
paper, which we don't own, so here's what we did instead:

1. Download the calendar (don't forget to save it somewhere that you can find it!)

2. Open one of the PDF pages.

3. Use the snipping tool to "cut" the calendar pages out and then save them. (To use the snipping tool, click on the Start button and search "snipping tool." Open the snipping tool and click "new." Then outline the area that you want to "snip." When you lift your finger from the mouse, a window will pop up asking you to save your picture.)

4. Once you have all of the pages, select them all (using the Control key) and print them out wallet size.

5. Cut them out, and you're done! Voila! A beautiful mini calendar!

Hope you enjoyed this short tutorial!
~Rebecca and Kirsten


  1. Christina, you might want to mention this is for Windows Vista, 7, and 8 computers. I doubt Macs have the snipping tool, so this wouldn't really be accurate info for Mac or Windows XP users.

  2. I'm having my first giveaway on my blog Please enter!
    Great, that poster's so cute! Thanks!

  3. The calendar is so cute!! I will definitely print it out for my wall :)

  4. Replies
    1. Y.....your head is upside down!

  5. Cute!

    Enter my weekly photo challenge here:

  6. That's really pretty! I think I might be printing it out for Melody to put up on my pin board. Thanks for posting this, Christina!


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