Saturday, March 8, 2014

A Dress for Caroline

 Today I came downstairs and found Charlotte designing something at the sewing table.
"Hi Charlotte, what're you designing this time?" I asked.

"I decided that if we're going to Hawaii, Caroline is going to need a sundress! So I designed one like yours."
I bent over to get a better look.
"That's a great idea! I'll get her."

 So I climbed up onto my bed where Caroline was patiently waiting for me, and brought her down to Charlotte.

"What fabric do you think we should use?"
"Hmmm, do you have any more of the fabric from your dress? That would probably look great with her eyes!"
"I think so. It should be in the closet!"

While Charlotte went to find some fabric, I measured Caroline.
"Hmm, only three and a half inches around! You're tiny!" I said to her.

"I found some! I think it's enough, too!"

Then Charlotte went upstairs and I set to work!

 When I finished sewing, I ironed it out 'cause it got pretty wrinkly while I was sewing!

Then I tried it on her. It fit perfectly! I couldn't wait to show Charlotte!

"Ta-da! What do you think?"
"It's perfect! She's so cute!"

I think it turned out really well, what do you think?

~ Kirsten

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Spring Break Plans

Today was wet and cold, so Kirsten and I played our new Apples to Apples game that just came in the mail! We had to make up some rules, 'cause it's meant for more than two players, and Rebecca was upstairs working on our new computer. 

 I was just about to win with the perfect card when Becca ran into the room. She looked super excited!
"Guys, guess where we're going for spring break!"
Kirsten and I thought a little, but then we gave up.
"Where, Becca?"

"We're going to Hawaii!!"
Immediately, we stood up, Kirsten knocking over the cards as she did so and thus ending our game. 
"What? Really? Wow!" we said, waiting to hear more.
"Yeah! Come and see the place where we're staying!"

We ran up the stairs and crowded 'round our laptop. 
"See, we're right on the beach!"
"Oh, wow! What a great place!!" Kirsten said, and I fully agreed!

"I can't believe it, we're going to Hawaii!" I exclaimed, "We should make a list of everything we want to bring so that we don't forget anything."
"That's a great idea! I'll go get some paper and a pencil." And with that, Kirsten left the room.

When she came back, we sat down to make our list.
"Okay, what should we bring?"
"Hmmm...our camera, the laptop..."
"And Caroline! We can take pictures of her on the beach!"
"Don't forget clothes!"
"Of course not, that's the most important part!

It was a lot of fun, and we'll probably add more to it later! We still have a month, but planning is one of the best parts, right? 

~ Charlotte