Saturday, May 31, 2014


 This morning the sun came up early and woke me up! So I decided I might as well get up, too, and make some pancakes! I slipped into my favorite outfit and tip-toed upstairs, cause Charlotte and Kirsten were still sleeping. The first thing I did was get out all the ingredients.

I couldn't find the recipe, so I just kinda guessed. Whoopsie!

I must have made some noise, cause the girls came up, yawning and stretching, just as I was pouring the batter.
"Mmmm, it smells really good. What're you making, Becca?" Kirsten asked.
"Pancakes!" I said.
"Oh, yum! Let's set the table, Kirsten." suggested Charlotte.

So I finished up the pancakes and they set the table. I was finished pretty quickly and came over with quite a stack!
"What should we do today?" I asked
"Well," Charlotte said. "I was thinking maybe we should plant a garden."
Kirsten and I were pretty excited about that idea; we'd never had a garden before!
"That's a great idea! We can plant tomatoes and zucchini, and carrots-"
"And flowers!" interrupted Kirsten.
"Why not both?" added Charlotte. "It'll be so much fun!" 

I must've been pretty excited, 'cause the next thing I knew one of my pancakes was on the floor! It scared me a little and I might've shouted  a bit loud in surprise. Coconut came running to see what happened.

Hehe, silly Coco. He liked the pancake a lot and trotted off to eat in private. Even though I made them from memory, they turned out really well!
Well, I hope we do plant a garden soon! If so, you'll probably know. :)


Friday, May 30, 2014

Looking for Fairies

It's so beautiful and warm here! The other day, Kirsten and I went outside to explore the bushes and look for fairies.  Rebecca didn't come with us because she doesn't like to sit still for long, so she'd probably scare them all away. We looked around in a large bush with pretty white flowers; it seemed like a logical place for fairies.  

While we were searching, Kirsten told me lots of fairy tales that she's read in the Fairy Books by Andrew Lang. They're her favorites, but I've never read them! There were some really good ones, like Thumbelina and The Twelve Dancing Princesses!

Suddenly, Kirsten turned to me and whispered, "Look over there, isn't that a perfect fairy house?!" I looked, and it was! Right in the middle of the large bush was an opening perfect for fairy gatherings! 

 We went over to it right away and looked around for a fairy ring, which is a circle of toadstools made by fairies when they have dances and councils.  But we couldn't find one, so we sat down to rest and watch for fairies. It was so magical in that little fairy hideaway!

I thought I almost saw one flitting about among the leaves, but they're tricky little things so I didn't get a good look at it. Of course, we don't really believe in fairies, but we pretend to believe, and that's 'most as fun as believing! 

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Liebster Award (times 5!)

Hello everyone!! Wow, it's been a long time since we posted, sorry 'bout that! A few months ago we were nominated by five bloggers for the Liebster award, which is an award for blogs under a certain amount of followers. Liebster means "dearest" in German. (We had to look it up so we could know!).

We decided to take turns answering the question groups so as not to complicate it too much. :)
We also thought that we'd share some photos that we never posted!

First we have Claire's questions answered by Rebecca:

1. Do you prefer reading an actual paper book or a book on a device?
Definitely an actual paper book! I really dislike reading on a device.
2. Do you prefer baking cupcakes or eating them?
Hmm...well, if I bake them I can eat them too! So prob'ly baking cupcakes.
3. Do you prefer doing someone else's hair or yourself?
I think my own. I don't really ever do my sisters' hair.
4. Winter or Summer?
5. Spring or Fall?
Do I have to choose? I love them both so much!
6. Nature or electronics?
I love being outside; nature all the way!!
7. Lengthy books or short books?
Well, prob'ly short books, 'cause they keep my attention better!
8. Spiders or bugs?
Bugs. I can't stand spiders!
9. Chocolate or vanilla ice cream?
Chocolate everything!
10. Swimming or Ice skating?
11. Making money or spending it?
Making money; it's so fun!

Elly's questions answered by Kirsten

1. do you prefer historical AG dolls or my American girl dolls?
I love historical characters; it's so fun to read their stories!
2. dogs or cats?
I love cats, they're so nice and cuddly!
3. cold weather or warm?
Definitely warm weather.
4. cake or cupcakes?
Hmmm...I think cupcakes. I love having my own little cake!
5. sunflowers or roses?
Roses, they're so pretty and old-fashioned.
6. pizza or hot-dogs?
7. outside or inside?
Even though outside is beautiful, I prefer being inside. Then I can just look outside!
8. favorite school subject?
Literature. I love any books!
9. Mexican food or Chinese?
Well, I've never had Chinese, so I guess I'll have to go with Mexican!
10. vintage or modern d├ęcor?
I love vintage stuff, it's so pretty. :)
11. boots or flip- flops?
I prefer boots because flip-flops hurt my toes. 

Autumn's questions answered by Charlotte:

1. Worst food?
Gorgonzola cheese, I can't stand it!
2.What's your favorite sport?
I don't play any sports. :P
3. Chocolate or Ice Cream?
I love chocolate, but especially chocolate ice cream!
4. Dog or Cat?
I like cats 'cause they're clean and quiet, but Coconut is a pretty nice dog. 
5. Strawberry or Mango?
I love mango! 
6. Introvert or Extrovert?
Well, I'm more of an introvert, but I'm definitely not a shy person.
7. Favorite Season?
Fall, the leaves are all so beautiful!
8. If you could change something in the world, what would it be?
No creepy people. There could possibly be "bad guys," but not creepy ones.
9. If you discovered/invented something amazing that made you famous, what would you do?
Be famous, I guess!
10. Favorite Hair Accessory?
I love bows and flowers!
11. Converse or Vans or Keds? 
I've never worn either, but I kinda like Vans.

Jessica's questions answered by Christina:

1. Do you have any AG dolls? If yes, which ones?
Yes, I have three! The old version of MAG #13, Rebecca; Kirsten; and MAG #55, Charlotte.
2. What's your favourite colour?
3. What do you want to be when you grow up?
Right now I'm thinking either a math teacher or a children's librarian. ;)
4. Do you like my blog?
5. Mattel or Pleasant Co?
Pleasant Co.
6. Who is your favourite AG doll and why?
Oh boy, I have no idea. But I absolutely love MAG #13, she's so cute!
7. Are you getting Isabelle?
Nope, I just got a new doll and have plans for one more. :)
8. Do you sew clothes for your dolls?
Yes! Well, not so much for my dolls, but for AG dolls!
9. What's your favourite food?
Spaghetti with marinara!
10. What's your favourite animal?
Just about any type of bird, but I honestly don't have a real favorite animal.
11. What is your favourite thing to do in your free time?
Sew or take photos or go on Pinterest! Or a whole lot of other things which I won't list.

Lydia's questions answered by Christina:

1. What is the name of your blog? Why? 
Simply Dollightful; because I kinda wanted a pun sorta thing, it sounds old fashioned, and I love the word simple.
2. Why do you think you got this award?
Because Lydia likes my blog, maybe?
3. Do you have the slightest idea what/who 'Liebster' is? (I don't)
Liebster is German for "dearest"
4. Do you have, or would you make, any custom dolls?
I do nor have any customs, but would like to make a red haired doll with grey or brown eyes and maybe lots of freckles.
5. Would you ever dye your hair?
Nope. I like my hair.
6. Night owl or morning person?
Ummm...not really either. I kinda like and dislike both, so I really don't know what I am.
7. Do you have a nickname? If so, what is it and why?
Yes, but it's rarely used. Christina the Regina; Regina is Latin for queen; my Latin teacher gave me that one.
8. Was it hard to pick 11 people to nominate?
Weeeell...I'm not going to nominate anyone because this award has gone around so much. ;)
9. Least favorite book character and why.
Denethor in LOTR, he's so creepy and wicked and mean!
10. Was it hard to answer #9? Why?
Nope. I'm a bookworm.
11. What job do you think you'll have in the future (for adults, what job do you have now)?
Probably a math teacher.

Thank you all so much for nominating us!! It was super fun to answer all the questions, and we hope you enjoyed reading them!
~ Rebecca, Kirsten and Charlotte