Thursday, June 19, 2014

Our First Garden!

Hello All!! Well, we meant to start a garden a few weeks ago, but we had to finish school and we've just been busy! Today was rather hot, but the evening was just right, so we decided to finally plant our garden. Because there aren't any nice places in our yard where we can simply plant right in the ground, we decided to use these pretty tubs instead. We each chose our favorite color!  

"Okay, who wants to plant what?" I asked.
Kirsten turned to Becca, "What do we have?" 
"Well, we've got carrots, strawberries and wildflowers. Those were the only three that I could find that we'd want. It's pretty late in the season to get started!" She replied.

"Hmmm...I think I'll plant wildflowers, if that's okay with you two!" said Kirsten
"That's fine with me!" I agreed, "I'd like to plant strawberries. And you, Becca?"
"Sounds great! I love carrots!"

Kirsten was the first to start 'cause wildflowers are quite easy. She poured the seeds in her hand and slowly read aloud the instructions,
"'Sprinkle the seeds evenly throughout the bed. Water well until plants are about two inches tall.' Well, that's simple!"

As I began to read my packet, Rebecca prepped her garden. She had to create rows in the dirt and drop seeds throughout them.
"Whoo-oops!" Becca cried.
"What's wrong?" Kirsten and I asked at once.
"I kinda spilled most of the seeds all over!" she giggled. "I guess I'll have a lot of thinning to do!"

I didn't want to make the same mistake, so I carefully dug four small holes and gently placed four seeds in each. I can't wait to have fresh strawberries this summer!

Because I was last to begin, the other girls were already watering theirs when I finished. Thankfully, Becca did not spill the water on the way over. Sometimes I think she could use some dancing lessons with all the silly blunders she makes!

 I covered up my seeds and watered them, being careful not to overwater them. Strawberries are rather sensitive! When we were all finished, I said,
"I can't wait 'til they're all grown! It'll be so pretty!"
And Kirsten noted whimsically, "The fairies will probably love my flowers! Especially since they're wildflowers."
But Rebecca only said, "Ouch!" cause she had leaned back too far into the bush and gotten prickles down her shirt!

Until next time!
~ Charlotte