Friday, July 4, 2014

Picking Raspberries

Happy Independence Day, Americans!!!
A few days ago, I'd noticed that the raspberries were pretty ripe so this morning I suggested that we go and pick them for an Independence day pie! We all love pie, so they agreed immediately. 

Once we got down there there were so many raspberries!! Charlotte didn't want to get her hair tangled in the prickly bushes, so Kirsten said she could just carry the large bucket and I was happy to use the pail. 

"Wow, look at these huge red berries!" Kirsten, exclaimed, picking a beautifully plump one. She has pretty fair skin so she wore her straw hat. 

Charlotte stood back with the bucket so as not to catch her long hair, but Kirsten and I had our hair in braids so we didn't have to worry about it. Well, I never really worry about my hair anyway, hehe. 

They seemed to have a pretty good system worked out and they were chatting away when I decided to wander down a little further to find another patch. 

It was super hot out, and weeds kept poking my bare feet, but I didn't really mind. It was just so much fun to be out there picking berries with the bees humming and the chatter of my sisters in the background!

Near the end of the patch, I found a large clump of ripe berries, so I stopped there and started filling my bucket. Not that I didn't pop a fair amount into my mouth as well, they were so warm and juicy!

As I made my way around the other side of the bushes, my bucket was feeling pretty heavy and I could no longer hear the girls' chatter. I was getting quite warm and a little bit tired when suddenly I heard footsteps on the rocks.

It was Kirsten and Charlotte, and they were lugging the bucket full of raspberries between them! They were chatting and didn't seem to notice me, but I figured they knew I was there.

Having filled my bucket, I went running across the rocks to meet them, being careful not to spill my beautiful berries along the way.

Once I reached them, they stopped as well and we set down our berries to rest and admire our work. It was so nice and shady, out there by the bushes, that we talked for quite a while before returning home for lunch.

We had a wonderful time picking raspberries today, and, now that I've finished writing this post, it's time to make the pie! We hope you all have a wonderful 4th!