Sunday, November 16, 2014

Carving Pumpkins

Hello all! A few weeks ago, Rebecca came running into the house...
"Girls, come on outside!"
"What's going on, Becca?" I asked.
"Nevermind, just come out and you'll see."

So, we followed her outside, where there were two pumpkins, two large knives and spoons, and a little bucket.
"I bought some pumpkins for carving!" Becca exclaimed triumphantly,
"But, I thought we didn't celebrate Halloween?" inquired Kirsten.
"Well, we don't," she explained, "but I thought it'd be fun anyway. Besides, Halloween is over, this is just for funsies!"
"Sounds good to me!" I laughed, "I'll help Kirsten carve the little pumpkin if you want the big one."

 "Sounds perfect," they both agreed. So, we picked up our pumpkins and our utensils and set to work.
"What do we do first, Becca?" Kirsten asked.
"First we have to cut the tops off so that we can scoop out the insides, and then we can carve something on! Just start like this," and Becca began cutting around the stem of her pumpkin.

"It takes a little while to get all the way around," she explained, "but once you do, you can pop the top off just like - this!" And the top of her pumpkin came right off!

Then, Kirsten began cutting open our little pumpkin, while Rebecca scooped out hers.
"Charlotte, would you mind getting our large pot? I don't think this little pail will be big enough for the seeds."
"Sure, but why do you want the seeds? It's far too cold for growing anything."
"I can toast them in the oven with spices; I've read all about it, they're suppose to be delicious!"

When I came back, Kirsten had removed the top of her pumpkin. 
"Oooh, it's so gooey!" Kirsten exclaimed, pulling out the pumpkin guts.
"And rather stinky, too," I added.
"Do you think it's stinky?" Becca asked, "I rather like the smell; it smells like fall to me."

"Hmmm," she added, "I think I'll give my pumpkin a mustache!"
"Oh, Becca!" Kirsten laughed, "He'll look like Pa Grape!"
"Hehe, maybe he will," I chuckled, running over to see how Becca's pumpkin was coming along.

 When I saw him, I nearly shouted with laughter. "Becca! He looks exactly like the Monopoly man!"
"Hey, you're right! I guess I made his mustache just right."
"Charlotte, what do you think our face should look like?" asked Kirsten.
"Hm, why don't you make him a laughing face?"
"Well, he doesn't quite look like he's laughing, but he does look rather pleasant," she said after a short silence, in which she had been carving.
"I think he looks pretty good," I affirmed.

Then, cold, tired, and laughing, we all picked up our stuff and returned home to eat pumpkin seeds and admire our silly work.


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  2. That's cute! Lovely job on the pumpkins too, and I like how you were able to get the dolls to hold the pumpkins!

  3. Looks like they had a lot of fun! I love the pictures, and your dolls look gorgeous!

  4. Their pumpkins look so cute!

  5. you have been awarded by moi ;P :

  6. I nominated you for the Blogger Recognition Award! Go to my blog for details. :)

  7. So darn cute!! I love the way you have done Becca's hair.


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