Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Our ChristmasTree

(We realize that most folk have set up their Christmas trees by now, but we've been busy and this post is a little late).

Anyway, a few days ago we went out to a cabin (we'll have to post those pics later) but on our way home we cut down a Christmas tree! Charlotte and I ran into the house to move the furniture.
"Quick Charlotte, Becca's almost got the tree down off the car!" 
"Should we just move these into the kitchen?" she asked.
"I think so. We won't mind being squished for a few weeks." I replied.

 Just then, Becca came in, dragging the tree after her.
"Watch out!" I cried, "You're running into the table!"
"Whoops!" she laughed, "help me lift this tree up, will ya'?"

 All together, we carefully lifted the tree.
"Ow, the branches are getting stuck in my hair!" exclaimed Charlotte.
"Hey, you two trapped me back here!" I laughed, "Let me out!"

Once I was set free, Charlotte ran off the get the box of ornaments, and I helped Becca straighten the tree.

"Ooh," said Charlotte, pulling out a strand of gold balls, "We should put this up first."
"That sounds about right, " I said, taking it from her and stringing it up.

Once those were up, Charlotte handed us ornaments and we hung them on the tree.
"I think my favorite are the light blue ones," I said.
"Hmm...I prefer the red, they're so cheery!" said Becca.
"Well, I like the white ones best," added Charlotte, with a laugh.

As we added the last ornaments, Charlotte got up and put some on as well.
"The only thing left is the star, does anyone mind if I put that up?" Charlotte asked eagerly.
"I don't!" Becca and I replied together.

"Great!" she said, and with that she dragged over a chair and hopped up with the star.
"Oops, I can't quite reach. Can you tip the branch towards me?"
And with that done, our tree was perfect!

Somehow, we didn't end up with any photos of the finished tree, but it looks beautiful, trust me!

Merry Christmas!


  1. Happy dollidays!!

  2. Such a cute tree!
    Merry Christmas!!

  3. Adorable! I love their hair too!

  4. Where did you get that adorable tree?!?!? Is it real or from Hobby Lobby or somewhere else?
    ~Mira, Kit, Felicity, & Josephina


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