Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Snowflakes and Sugar Cookies

Greetings, all! It's been cold and wet and not snowing (phooey) here so I decided to cheer things up with some sugar cookies.

I've never met someone who didn't like sugar cookies, I mean, how could you not like them? They're sweet, and a little crunchy, and they have frosting!!

I decided to make them with vanilla, not peppermint, 'cause we didn't have any peppermint. I also put on some Christmas music, the perfect background for baking Christmas cookies!

While I baked, Kirsten and Charlotte made some snowflakes (paper ones, that is), 'cause we're tired of the lack of snow around here! If we can't have snow outside, we might as well have some inside!

Despite the lack of holiday cheer outside, there has been plenty indoors! We set out our snowglobe and nativity scene a few days ago, and we're hoping to get our tree soon. There's also been plenty of whispering and whisking away of catalogues and boxes, a sure sign that Christmas is near!

Anyway, I do love sugar cookie dough, even if it does have raw eggs in it. Does anyone else eat it anyway? 

"God rest ye merry gentlemen, let nothing you dismay..." my sisters and I always sing along to the music, even if we aren't very good!

Cutting out the cookies is my favorite part, especially since we bought some new cookie cutters!

I slid them onto the cookie sheet and popped them into the hot oven!

Six minutes later, I pulled them out again, this time with crunchy brown edges!

While they cooled, I whipped up some frosting, of which I also partook, it's jsut so delicious!

"What do you think of this one, Kirsten?" Charlotte was saying when I set the platter of cookies on the table.
"It looks perfect!" she exclaimed, "but it looks like Becca's done with the cookies, so let's clear the table."

When I came back with the frosting, they had moved the snowflake supplies to one side and were picking out some cookies to decorate.
"These look fantastic!"Charlotte declared.
"Thank you," I replied, handing Kirsten the spatula. "We only have two spoons, so we'll have to take turns."

"That's alright," they agreed, and we set to work. I brought the sprinkles over, too, and we had a grand time decorating our cookies and singing along to all the classic Christmas carols. 



  1. What a wonderful post! The cookie dough is so realistic; is it real?

  2. Cute photo story! You always take such nice pictures! I love Rebecca's outfit.

  3. Yum, those cookies look delicious! We made some sugar cookies a few days ago. :) Oh, and I also nominated you on my blog--please check it out!

  4. The cookies turned out so cute! Great photo-story.

  5. Aww this was so cute! I love the bag of flour :)
    The Dollies on Creamsicle Street

  6. Baking cookies is always fun, and Christmas music to go along with it makes it even better! I love all your pictures. :)

  7. Yes, I'm guilty of eating cookie dough! It tastes better than the actual cookies, I think. :) I can't wait until it is time to make Christmas cookies again!
    ~Mira, Kit, Felicity, & Josephina


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