Friday, April 11, 2014


Hi Everyone! Sorry it took us so long to get this up, spring break was three weeks ago! But at least we're doing it now, right? :)

We went to the beach almost every day! It was beautiful, but really windy. One day we packed a lunch and headed out in our swimsuits.

Charlotte lay out her new towel so she could just lay in the sun. She was pretty tired because we went on a hike the day before.

 Kirsten and I went down to the water; I couldn't wait to jump around in the waves!

Kirsten left pretty quick; she's not one to play hard for very long. Besides, the water was kinda cold. I, on the other hand, stayed in the water for a loooong time! I jumped waves, body-boarded, and  looked for fish; I didn't find any, though. 

 When I was tired, I ran up and woke Charlotte so we could have lunch! It was delicious, ham sandwiches and watermelon!

After lunch, Charlotte and Kirsten went for a walk down the beach. It turned out to be a really long walk, but I didn't mind; I was so tired from playing in the waves that I laid down on Charlotte's towel and went right to sleep!

We had an awesome day - and vacation!
Thanks for reading!