Sunday, March 29, 2015

Becca at the Grand Canyon!

Hi Everyone!! *waves*

I (Becca) got to go hike at the Grand Canyon this last week! Kirsten and Charlotte don't care much for strenuous activity in heat, so they declined to come, but I didn't mind - it was great fun and so beautiful! 

The first hike I went on went down into the Canyon, which was amazing! I didn't go all the way down to the Colorado River because I would've had to spend the night, but it was still super cool! 

As you can see, it was quite sunny, but it actually wasn't too hot! Just about right for hiking. :)

At some places it was super windy, which was quite refreshing. I sat on this ledge for a while, enjoying the cool relief and admiring the stunning view! 

I was grateful for my bandana cause it kept all those funny little hairs from getting into my eyes! My bangs went everywhere, though!

The second hike I went on was actually in Sedona, which is a little ways from the Grand Canyon. This hike had a lot more plants and green-ness, which was really pretty! There was a little river that kept popping up here and there throughout the hike. 

I ate my lunch at a nice green spot on some cool rocks. This was one of the only places where I wasn't surrounded by orange on all sides!

I had a splendiferous time and hope you enjoyed my photos!
~ Rebecca