Monday, July 13, 2015

Summer Evenings

Hello! Sorry we've been so long, but we're back now! We were recently fortunate to aquire some lovely dollies of our own - older Pleasant Company ones with sweet faces. Becca got Samantha, Kirsten got Kirsten (but she calls her Kirsti like in Number The Stars), and I got Addy - I love her thrilling story!

Today Becca and I went out in the evening to play with our dolls and enjoy the beautiful sunshine sparkling through the birch trees.

"Let's sit in this gorgeous spot," Becca suggested.
"It's perfect!" I exclaimed, revelling in the fairyland atmosphere as we sat down in "a radiance of sifted sunlight streaming through a birch tree." (Anne of Avonlea)
"Now, now Samantha, sit up straight! Grandmary would be very disappointed in your posture," Becca did her best to get Samantha to behave properly, but she really is a rambunctious girl - rather like Becca, come to think of it!

"I guess she'll just have to stand," Becca said, lifting Samantha from the grass.
"My Addy is a fairly obedient girl, but her hair is a bit mussed," I mused aloud.
"So is Samantha's, but I wonder that the poor girl can see with those bangs!" laughed Becca, "I can't seem to brush them out of her eyes."
"Some water might help," I suggested, raising Addy to look into her pretty little eyes.

"What color are her eyes?" Becca asked, "Sam's are brown." 
"I think they're brown." I peered onto her face, "but I can't tell for certain. They're dark, that's for certain." 
"I like her tiny earrings," commented Becca, "Hey, just like you! You're both the only girls with earrings."
"That's true. I'd like some little gold hoops like those."

And so our chatter continued: discussing tiny clothing, faces, and stories. It was a beautiful evening - there's nothing quite like wearing summery dresses and braids while sitting in the grass in the shade of sparkling birch trees and playing with the sweetest dolls. 

Until next time!
~ Charlotte