Saturday, August 8, 2015

Gwen, Megan and a Surprise Attack

Hello Everyone! This week our good friends Gwen and Megan came to visit. It's been hot so we immediately headed out to the pool to relax with some chatter and cool lemonade! Kirsten and Charlotte talked to Gwen in the shade while Megan and I splashed about in the refreshing water.

"What have you been up to so far this summer?" Kirsten asked Gwen.
"Well, this week I was at an art camp - actually, Megan and I both were," she replied.
"That's so neat!" exclaimed Charlotte, "What did you do?"
"I took a class where we transferred photographs onto sea glass and Megan took a welding class."
"Wow, a welding class?" Kirsten asked. "That sounds . . . interesting. What did she do?"

"I made a tree," Megan told me, overhearing the other girls' conversation.
"A tree?" I asked, envisioning a detailed maple tree with tiny leaves.
"Yes, well, it's not a tree tree, it's like a stick tree, with simple branches. Rather like a tree in winter but without twigs." 
"Ah, I think I understand. Kind of like a jewelry tree," I added.
"I suppose so," she said, somewhat doubtfully.
"Hey, I have an idea, c'mon," I said, getting up.

"What's this grand idea you have, Becca?" Megan asked, also rising.
"Follow me, let's go fill some water balloons and surprise the others!"
"Oooh, I like it!" she grinned, and we crept away.

After filling nearly twenty water balloons (good and tight so that they'd pop right away!), we sneaked back behind our respective sisters with a full supply of ammunition. We could hear them talking.
"That sounds like a great time," Kirsten said, supposedly finishing their former conversation.
"It was!" agreed Gwen; then, looking about, asked, "Where did Rebecca and Megan go?"
"I haven't seen them for a while," Charlotte added. "Maybe they went to find some more food?"

Just then, perfectly timed and perfectly aimed, Megan sent her first balloon flying into the air and smack dab into Gwen! It was beautiful.
"Hey!" shouted Gwen, quite uncharacteristically.
All three of them swung round in shock.

"Becca!" Charlotte cried, as I stepped up to the plate and launched our second balloon, which went sailing through the air and directly onto Kirsten's face!

After that it was mayhem. Complete and utter mayhem. Balloons were flying, sisters were yelling and laughing, and, unbeknownst to us, Charlotte had disappeared in all the action! And then . . .

SPLASH!!! We were soaked by a stealth balloon!
"Oh! Charlotte!" we yelped. "Oh!"

We spun around. Charlotte was laughing with glee and we, seeing the humorous side of her sudden attack, burst out laughing and then bombarded her with questions.
"How did you do that?"  "What just happened?" "Where did you get that balloon?" 
I could hear Kirsten and Gwen laughing behind us as well. 
"Let's clean up and see if we can find some more of that lemonade and watermelon!" I suggested.

And so we did. After picking up the hundreds of tiny water balloon pieces and throwing them away, Megan and I wrapped up in a towel and we all sat around to enjoy the rest of our summer afternoon.

~ Rebecca


  1. This was so cute! Your pictures are gorgeous and the photo story was adorable. :D

  2. What a great idea! Your pictures are gorgeous, as always. Your blog is such an inspiration to me!
    -Mira (and Kit, Felicity, and Josephina!)

  3. Looks like a lot of fun.

  4. I nominated your blog for an award!

  5. What fun! I love surprises - even the wet kind. :^)


  6. Not fair making a surprise water balloon attack! But so much fun!

  7. Not fair making a surprise water balloon attack! But so much fun!

  8. THE BOKEH IS TOO BEAUTIFUL FOR WORDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *cough cough* Ah-hem... I love the pictures and the story! Do you think you could do a photography tips post soon?

    1. Yes, please do a photography tip post! Your photos and blog is lovely!
      ~The OurAGDollhouse dolls

  9. I nominated you for three awards! you can check them out:


  10. Can you please post more, Christina? We really miss you and the girls, and love your blog. Please come back!

    1. Thank you so much, Izzy! I miss doing all of this! I'm currently at college but hope to resume my doll's adventures perhaps in the summer!

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