Saturday, January 17, 2015

Snow Day at the Cabin

While we were relaxing at the cabin, it snowed just beautifully during the night! We went out right away after breakfast to sled and explore.

"Wow," I said, pulling the sled and looking about me,
"This is beautiful," breathed Charlotte.
"It really is a winter wonderland!" Kirsten exclaimed.

"Okay," I said, pointing the sled downhill, "hop on!"
Kirsten sat down behind me and I picked up the rope to head on down. However, there was one slight problem.
"Hm, we don't seem to be moving," Kirsten observed.
"Yes, how queer," I added, "Charlotte, would you give us a push?"

"Sure!" she agreed, but just as she gave Kirsten a shove, what did she do but jump on back as well!
"And away we go!" Charlotte cried.
We went flying down the hill, all three of us clinging to each other for dear life and laughing as the snow blinded flew in our faces. It was grand fun, and when we reached the bottom we all fell off and lay breathless in the snow. 
"Yipee, I'm going again!" Charlotte announced, picking up the rope. "Who wants to come with me?"

"Would you look at that?" I murmured to Kirsten. "That's our proper, fashionable sister!"
"Oh hush," Kirsten said, "I guess she knows a good time when she sees one!"
"I know," I laughed, "but aren't you just a wee bit surprised at her enthusiasm?"
"Well, maybe a little," she admittted, "C'mon, let's make a snowman while our "fashionable sister" flies around."

"Okey dokey," I said, and began rolling snowballs.

"Here's the head!" I plopped it on top of Kirsten's little snowman.
"He's a little small," Kirsten said critically, "but little ones are a lot easier to make."
"That's true," I said, "Let's go find some arms."

"Hey, nice snowman!" Charlotte said.
"Thanks! How's the sledding?" I asked.
"Thrilling!" she replied gleefully. 

"Here are some sticks for arms," Kirsten handed me one and stuck one in her side.
"Ta-da!" I said, "He looks pretty good!"

"Well, you two want to go on a walk through there?" Charlotte asked.
"Sure! It looks beautiful!" Kirsten agreed.
"Let's do it!" I cried.

It really was gorgeous and we had a marvelous day!
~ Rebecca

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

At the Cabin

Hello! We recently went on a little vacation to a cabin in Idaho. It was beautiful and snowy and relaxing. Charlotte and I took the time to read some books together in front of the Christmas tree while Becca explored the house. 

Charlotte was reading Little Women, per my suggestion. I was quite surprised when she said she'd never read it!

I was reading Mary Poppins for, oh, probably the fourth or fifth time! It's such a fun one.

We were having a grand time, reading away and giggling at the funny parts, when Becca came in with a pack of Apples to Apples cards. 
"Hey, you two bookworms!" she said, cheerfully, "D'you want to play Apples to Apples?"

 "Sounds good to me," Charlotte agreed, "I've read several chapters already."
"You're reading Little Women?" Becca asked, "Did you get to the chapter where they go on the picnic? That's my favorite--their story is hilarious!"
Charlotte laughed. "No, I haven't read that much yet!"

By the time they were finished reminiscing about Alcott's classic, Becca had removed and sorted the cards, which had clearly been returned to their box in a hurry by some previous cabin vacationer. 
"Here, Becca, I'll shuffle them," I offered.

"How many cards do I deal out?" I asked, when I'd finished shuffling.
"Hmm...I can't remember, let me check," Becca replied, pulling out the instructions. "Let's see, five per player."
Once I'd dealt, we all settled in for a crazy round of Apples to Apples.

 "Okay, the category is 'Good,'" Becca said, drawing a green card.
I looked through my cards, "Rock Stars...aren't really any good, Tacos are good tasting, Cavities are terrible, Lemonade is delicious, and A Dollar is pretty good, but you can't buy much with it," I thought to myself. After a bit more deliberation, I chose Lemonade, 'cause Becca loves it, so there was a good chance she'd pick it.

 Then she read off our answers, "Lemonade or A Pile of Leaves. Hmm...lemonade is delicious, but a pile of leaves is a lot of fun," she paused, "I think I'll have to go with lemonade!"
"Yes!" I cried, taking the green card.

And so, the game went on. Each in our turn reading off the other two's silly answers and deciding between them. 

 We had an awesome time, and there was quite a mess of cards afterwards!

 Until nest time!
~ Kirsten