Sunday, July 2, 2017

Sisters and Evening Sunlight

Hi everyone, Kirsten here! It's been terribly hot around here during the daytime, so we've been swimming and staying indoors mostly. However, the evenings can be quite pleasant, so last night Charlotte, Harriet, and I took our books and read under the shade of the birch trees. I brought Kirsti with me as well. 

It was so very warm and the grass was so soft that Hattie almost fell asleep! She brought her Emily Dickinson collection, Charlotte her Jane Austen collection, and I brought Alice's Adventures in Wonderland to read again. 

Hattie roused herself from her reverie and sat up to admire the day. Charlotte put her book down and turned to our redheaded sister, saying,
"Harriet, tell us more about yourself." 
Hattie smiled and thought for a moment. "Well, you already know that I love poetry and that I play the violin - "
"Where is your violin?" Charlotte interrupted, "I haven't seen it yet."
"It's still on its way - I'm not certain when it's coming in."

I set down my book and sat up, playing with Kirsti. 
"When it does come in, we can have concerts with you on the violin and Becca on piano!" I said, listening all the while.
"Oh, that would be wonderful!" Hattie exclaimed. 
"Oooh and we could get all dressed up and have cookies and lemonade like it's the real thing!" burst in Charlotte.
"And I know Becca would be on board - she's always happy to bake us cookies and play us the piano," I added.

And slowly we made our way back to the house, making plans and summer dreams all the while. 


  1. Oh, such gorgeous photos! The last one is one of my favorite photos ever!
    ~ Light4theLord

  2. The photos are delightful and bring the young ladies to life.

  3. Oooh, I hope they have a concert! Great book choices! Harriet is gorgeous, as are all your girls.


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