Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Teddie Rose

 Greetings all! Phoebe Jo here, writing my first post on this 'umble little blog of ours. Well, for quite a while I've been writing to my pen-pal, Teddie Rose. We have quite a bit in common: we both like writing, spending time with our sisters, and neither of us especially like dressing up. Which last fact is kind of funny because both of us wore dresses when we finally had a chance to meet...

Teddie wrote me a little while back to say that she'd be in town for a few hours this week and could stop by to see me. I was thrilled! Kirsten helped me get ready, lending me her sundress and braiding my long hair so that it wouldn't blow about too much in the wind. 

When Teddie finally arrived (I admit I'd been pretending to read a book by the window for about an hour while I waited impatiently) I took her out to our backyard so we could enjoy the beautiful evening. 

We talked about what we'd been reading and writing lately and what our families have been up to. Teddie also has four sisters (whom you can read about at Reverie Dolls) and they've all been pretty busy this summer. Actually, one of her sisters is named Phoebe as well! 

"Want to see our garden?" I asked after we'd caught up on life and geeked out over literature. 
"Of course!" she replied. "We live in the city, so we don't have a garden."
"We're a regular case of town-mouse and country-mouse!" I said and we laughed, she understanding the reference.

"Wow, are those fresh tomatoes?" she asked, her eyes glowing with delight.
"Would you like one?" I asked in reply, picking a beautiful red one from among the green.
"To just eat?" she asked, puzzled.
"Certainly!" I picked one for myself, and we sat there on the edge of the garden, eating our juicy tomatoes and chatting until she had to go.

Even though our visit was short, I'm so glad Teddie could come over! Who knows, maybe someday my sisters and her sisters will meet as well and we could all be friends... (sounds like a story to me!)



  1. That's so cool that you met Teddie from Reverie Dolls! Great pictures, by the way! :)
    ~Christian Homeschooler

  2. You've been nominated!

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