Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Make A Hammock Swing ~ Sewing

It is hot, hot, hot here! Even when we had rain this weekend it was hot! (the air, not the rain). When it's warm outside (it's a little too hot now) we like to hang out in the shade and read, eat popsicles, do nothing, etc. Us dollies can't always sit on the grass because it's often wet (from the sprinklers) so Christina made us a Hammock Swing so that we can be comfy in the shade!

Safety Pin

Cut a piece of fabric 12 inches by 15 inches

On the 15 inch sides, make 1/4 inch hems (turned twice)

On the short sides, turn the edge under 1/4 inch from the edge

Turn it under a second time, 1/2 inch from the folded edge

Sew down both sides, creating casings for the twine
Thread the twine through the end of the safety pin

Thread the safety pin (with the twine trailing behind) through the casing and bring it out the other side.

Remove the safety pin and pull the short end of the twine through a little ways. Gather the casing edge to about 4 1/2 inches
Making a small loop tie the ends together and trim off the short end.

Now tie your swing to a tree branch, a bar, anything that will hold it up like a swing.


You can sit upright and swing or read a book...

Or you can lay back and relax!

Hope you enjoyed!
~ Kirsten


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    1. My mom accidentally deleted your comment when she was scrolling through the comments on my blog, this was not intentional!

  2. I want to try that!

  3. Cool Chhristina love that!!!

  4. Gotta do that this coming summer:)

  5. This is awesome!
    Did you see this post was featured by The Doll Collector on google+?
    So very cool! Congratulations.

  6. so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I love this. I saw it on Pinterest today and immediately made it! So cute. I doubled my fabric, though, so the print pattern was on each side. Thank you for this. Love your site!

  8. So cool! Very easy and uses stuff from around my house-perfect!
    I'm going to do it right now...thank you Christina!

  9. I love this diy! And Kirsten's dress is so cute!! :)

  10. I love the doll swing! Definitely going on the to do list!

  11. Cool! I have to try this, its so easy! Great Idea


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