Friday, May 30, 2014

Looking for Fairies

It's so beautiful and warm here! The other day, Kirsten and I went outside to explore the bushes and look for fairies.  Rebecca didn't come with us because she doesn't like to sit still for long, so she'd probably scare them all away. We looked around in a large bush with pretty white flowers; it seemed like a logical place for fairies.  

While we were searching, Kirsten told me lots of fairy tales that she's read in the Fairy Books by Andrew Lang. They're her favorites, but I've never read them! There were some really good ones, like Thumbelina and The Twelve Dancing Princesses!

Suddenly, Kirsten turned to me and whispered, "Look over there, isn't that a perfect fairy house?!" I looked, and it was! Right in the middle of the large bush was an opening perfect for fairy gatherings! 

 We went over to it right away and looked around for a fairy ring, which is a circle of toadstools made by fairies when they have dances and councils.  But we couldn't find one, so we sat down to rest and watch for fairies. It was so magical in that little fairy hideaway!

I thought I almost saw one flitting about among the leaves, but they're tricky little things so I didn't get a good look at it. Of course, we don't really believe in fairies, but we pretend to believe, and that's 'most as fun as believing! 


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