Meet the Dolls

Rebecca Elizabeth

Becca, as her sisters affectionately call her, is bouncy and cheerful, always ready for a new project or adventure—whatever anyone else wants to do with her! She loves just about everyone and everything and is always willing to try something new. Her hobbies are baking, playing piano, hiking in the summer, and skiing in the winter.  Her favorite color is pink and her favorite book is The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain. She is the most versatile of the girls and is a natural leader. 

Kirsten Anne

Kirsten is quiet and sweet, but not shy. She likes to gently help and is often found tidying up after her sisters. She is always happy to join in what others are doing, but prefers calm activities, whether indoors or out. She loves flowers and other dainty things. Her hobbies are sewing and reading fairy tales. Her favorite color is turquoise and her favorite book is The Blue Fairy Book by Andrew Lang. She is the gentle soul and the comforter.

Charlotte Jane

Charlotte is a romantic, in books and theater the same. She can be quite dramatic at times and rather loves to dress well and take time over her hair, a fault which her sisters readily forgive her. She’d rather be indoors but does appreciate the outdoors when it is neither too hot, too cold, too blustery, nor too wet. Her hobbies are acting, beading, and coming up with new outfits from old pieces. Her favorite color is deep purple and her favorite book is Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. She is the talkative girl and finds Kirsten a ready listener.

Phoebe Jo

Phoebe, often called Phoebe Jo as a whole, is boisterous and great fun. She is often too loud for the girls’ little house, which leads her to seek the outdoors as a place of freedom and high adventure. She is always cooking up a story and, when not discussing literary subjects with one girl, is whisking off another. Her hobbies are writing, gardening, and running off on adventures. Her favorite color is red (a “good, bold color”) and her favorite book is Ivanhoe by Sir Walter Scott. She is a bit wild but very kindhearted.

Harriet Katherine

Harriet, sometimes called Hattie, is a dreamer and a girl of big ideas. Though not particularly quiet in speech, she is often silent until aroused from her imaginings, at which point she joins in the conversation with great relish. She is also rather a romantic, though not dramatic like Charlotte. Her hobbies are writing poetry, playing the violin, and pursuing her studies. Her favorite color is spring green and her favorite book is her collection of Shakespeare’s works. She is dreamy, intelligent, and “simply beautiful in everything she does,” to quote her sisters.

Rebecca is a 2004 Just Like You #13 wearing retired GOTY Nikki's Ski Outfit and show with retired Molly's best friend Emily's sled.
Kirsten is a retired Historical character Kirsten doll wearing retired Molly's best friend Emily's meet dress.
Charlotte is Truly Me #55 with green eyes wearing a top from Sparrow and Wren on Etsy, shorts by me, and boots from retired GOTY Lanie's Nature Outfit.
Phoebe is a TM #61 with retired Historical character Marie-Grace's wig and eyes from a Pleasant Company Molly with retired AG glasses and me-made dress.
Harriet is a retired Historical character Marie-Grace with Truly Me #61's hair and hazel eyes. Her outfit is made by me and her bike is Molly's.


  1. Very cute! :) We love Kristen's dress!

  2. Kirsten's dress is so, so pretty!

    Adollable Dolls

  3. Thanks, girls! I really wish I could find more of that fabric, it's so sweet and summery!

  4. Your dolls are cute! I have Elizabeth, Saige, and Mckenna!

  5. Both of your dolls are really nice! I love their outfits! I have Felicity!
    Here is a link to my blog:

  6. I love Anne of green gables! In fact, I have a boy doll named Walter after Anne's son! :D And I LOVE your blog! :)

  7. Why isn't Charlotte on here? (I love the rest)

  8. Oh, wow! All your dolls are so cute! In every post I'm just thinking, "Wow! Those dolls look super cute!"

  9. Your dolls are very pretty! I love them!

  10. love it so much

  11. amazing i love charlotte

  12. Very cute! Love their pictures :0)
    - Zoë

  13. Love your dolls! I have Samantha and Kanani (GOTY 2011). What pattern did you use for Kirsten's dress? I love it!

  14. All your dolls are so cute! I still can't believe you made Kirsten's dress--it's so pretty! :)
    ~Seven Little Daisies

  15. Your dolls are so cute ! and Kirsten's dress is amazing, I love it !

  16. Your dolls are gorgeous. I love all of their favorite books, especially anne of green gables!

  17. I'm wondering what doll Becca and Charlotte are? Although I'm guessing Charlotte is 55, a lot of people have her!

    1. Yes, Charlotte is 55! I know, she's so beautiful! Becca is the retired version of 13 - she has pie bangs instead of the shorter ones. :)

  18. can i put you blog on my blog list?


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