Meet the Dolls

Rebecca Elizabeth, or Becca, as her sisters call her, is the most energetic. She loves to be active and is constantly dragging her sisters outside! Her purpose is to stay busy, whether she's baking cookies, practicing her piano, or running about outside with her dog, Coconut.
Hobbies: playing piano, baking, skiing
Favorite color: Pink
Favorite books: Anne of Green Gables and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
Fashion: Anything comfortable and easy to run and play in. Although the most active, Rebecca still likes skirts, dresses, and the color pink.

Kirsten Anne is quiet and very sweet. She  prefers to stay inside and sew or read fairy tales, but at times allows herself to be dragged outside by Becca. Although all three girls enjoy reading, she is considered the bookworm of the family. Kirsten has a cat named Missy and a kitten named Graykin.
Hobbies: reading, sewing, 
Favorite color: Turquoise
Favorite books: The Chronicles of Narnia and all of Lang's Fairy Books
Fashion: Plain and simple. She prefers dresses, blue, and florals.

Charlotte Jane can often be found reading Jane Austen or Shakespeare. As an actress, Charlotte likes to create plays from her favorite books to perform with her sisters. She is the most interested in fashion of the sisters, and likes to design outfits for Kirsten to sew for their doll, Caroline. 
Hobbies: acting, fashion design
Favorite color: Purple
Favorite books: Pride and Prejudice and Little Women.
Fashion: Fashionable but simple. Dresses, boots, tunics and jeans.

Rebecca is the old version of MAG #13, and is wearing American Girl's retired On The Go outfit.
Kirsten is a retired Historical doll, and is wearing a homemade dress and necklace.
Charlotte is MAG #55, and is wearing American Girl's retired Sparkly Tunic outfit.


  1. Very cute! :) We love Kristen's dress!

  2. Kirsten's dress is so, so pretty!

    Adollable Dolls

  3. Thanks, girls! I really wish I could find more of that fabric, it's so sweet and summery!

  4. Your dolls are cute! I have Elizabeth, Saige, and Mckenna!

  5. Both of your dolls are really nice! I love their outfits! I have Felicity!
    Here is a link to my blog:

  6. I love Anne of green gables! In fact, I have a boy doll named Walter after Anne's son! :D And I LOVE your blog! :)

  7. Why isn't Charlotte on here? (I love the rest)

  8. Oh, wow! All your dolls are so cute! In every post I'm just thinking, "Wow! Those dolls look super cute!"

  9. Your dolls are very pretty! I love them!

  10. love it so much

  11. amazing i love charlotte

  12. Very cute! Love their pictures :0)
    - Zoë

  13. Love your dolls! I have Samantha and Kanani (GOTY 2011). What pattern did you use for Kirsten's dress? I love it!

  14. All your dolls are so cute! I still can't believe you made Kirsten's dress--it's so pretty! :)
    ~Seven Little Daisies

  15. Your dolls are so cute ! and Kirsten's dress is amazing, I love it !

  16. Your dolls are gorgeous. I love all of their favorite books, especially anne of green gables!

  17. I'm wondering what doll Becca and Charlotte are? Although I'm guessing Charlotte is 55, a lot of people have her!

    1. Yes, Charlotte is 55! I know, she's so beautiful! Becca is the retired version of 13 - she has pie bangs instead of the shorter ones. :)


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