Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A Quick Heads-up

Hello, Faithful Followers! Woot woot, 25! As some of you know, we have a lofty goal of reaching 100 followers someday and then having a big giveaway/contest! However, to help us reach our goal, we decided to have smaller giveaways at each of the different milestones: 25, 50, and 75! Which means that we're going to have a giveaway! Our sponsor will be Daisy Chains, which is actually Christina's shop. :)  Because of all the orders she is still trying to finish for her shop, she hasn't had a chance to make the dress we are giving away; but in a few days we should be able to put up pictures and begin the giveaway.
That's all for now!
~ Rebecca and Kirsten

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