Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Picnic at the Lake

Charlotte here! Per my idea to go somewhere for the weekend we made a last-minute trip to the lake. After a long day of packing and traveling, we decided to have a simple picnic dinner by the lake. 

We had to walk a ways down to get there, but it was a beautiful trek! Everything was green (and rather wet) and there were flowers everywhere. It was also a wee bit chilly, but not too bad. We had just come down some large stone steps when we saw the most darling bridge ever! 

"Oh wow!" exclaimed Becca, running up and leaning over the edge, "Look at this sweet little creek!"
I was carrying the basket, so I couldn't run, but Kirsten went over to have a look. 
"Isn't this bridge just perfect?" she asked.
"It is!" I agreed.
"Ooh, let's play 'Pooh Sticks!'" Becca ran over and got two sticks. 
If you don't know, 'Pooh Sticks' is a game from the Winnie the Pooh books, which we all read when we were little. To play, you drop two sticks off of a bridge and watch to see which one floats the farthest.

I set the basket down and came over to see the fun. 
"Okay, ready?" Becca asked.
"Ready!" we said, and she dropped the sticks.
"Oh-ho! Mine's winning!" I shouted
"But mine's catching up--oh!--oh, now it's stuck on a rock." laughed Kirsten.
We played a few more rounds, but then Becca said she was hungry, so we continued on down 'til we got to the dock, where we spread our picnic dinner.

"What did you pack for dinner?" Becca asked me.
"Well, I didn't have much time, but we have ham sandwiches, watermelon, and milk."
"Sounds delicious!" she replied
"Mmm-hmm" we concurred. 

It was a perfect evening: there was a slight breeze, the sun was just getting ready to go down, and there were ripples going across the lake. As we ate, a family of ducks swam by and we threw them our crumbs.

"I'm so glad we could come!" said Kirsten.
"So am I," Becca agreed, "this is the perfect weekend get-away!"
"Isn't it?" I exclaimed, "d'you hear that frog? He's so loud!"
He really was very loud, singing his croaky song, and he didn't stop once night came either!
Once we finished, Becca wanted to dangle her legs over the dock, so I packed up the remains and we sat by the edge, dipping our feet in the cool water and singing campfire songs, though of course there wasn't any campfire. But those songs are just fitting for any outdoor occasion, don't you think?

Until next time!
~ Charlotte


  1. I love the store and the photos.

  2. I love your photos! How did you get your MAG 55's hair so curly?


  3. Oh, wow! Your pictures look straight out of an AG catalog! ;0 What camera do you use?

    1. Thank you so much! Canon Rebel T2i :)

  4. I love how much they look like real girls when they are playing 'Pooh Sticks!' Great photostory!

  5. Wow, what a super duper time you guys had! We would love to visit a lake like that some day....and that bridge looks like so much fun! None of us have ever played "pooh sticks"....sounds like fun!

  6. Great photos! You got nominated for an award at my blog http://agfanblog2013.blogspot.com

  7. Oh, I've played pooh sticks before! It can get pretty competative, can't it? I just went to the lake this last weekend sadly the rain kept us from having a picnic.

    1. Yeah, it was fun! Aw, that's a bummer

  8. I love playing "Pooh sticks!" Your pictures are stunning. :-)

    ~Mama Hen

  9. I awarded you on my blog!

  10. How cute! The pictures are so pretty! I will sometimes play Pooh Sticks when I walk across a bridge.
    - Zoë from Glowyzoe.blogspot.com

  11. I nominated you for the Beachy Blogger award!


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