Monday, June 10, 2013

Blog Buttons

Hi all! We noticed that a lot of you have buttons, so we decided to look into making one of our own! However, we discovered that it is very tough to find good, simple instructions for making one, until we stumbled on a super easy HTML code creator! We decided to share it with you in case you too are having trouble.
1. We used Photoshop to write on our photo, and then resize it. Resize your photo to anywhere between 125 and 250, ours is a little big. :)
2. Upload it to a server. We used Photobucket. On Photobucket, once our photo was uploaded, there was a little side thing that had the image link and other info.
3. Use this generator to make your HTML code.
4. Go to Blogger, then to Layout, and then click on "Add A Gadget". Scroll down that list until you get to HTML/Java Script and click on that. In the space provided, paste your code.

Hope this works for you! We'd love to swap buttons with you, and we tried to add more than the few we have now, but we couldn't grab their buttons.
~ Rebecca and Kirsten

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  1. Thanks! We have been trying to make a blog button for quite some time now!


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