Sunday, September 29, 2013

At The Beach - Part 1

We finally got to editing our photos from the beach! Sadly, we don't have very many; but what we have, we are happy to share!
Kirsten and I read, slept, talked, and looked out the window during the drive. We were super excited because the house that we're going to stay in is like a castle! (Unfortunately, we forgot to take a picture of the house, it really looked like a castle!!) 

It was a long car ride, 7 hours including stops! 

Finally, we were there! Gwen and Megan had arrived before us, and we were so excited to see them!! After lots of hugs and greetings, we all sat down right where we were and began chatting.

"How was your drive?" Kirsten asked. "Pretty good, for 7 hours!" Gwen joked. "How was yours?"

While those two talked, I said to Megan, "Hey, let's go look out of one of those huge windows!"

"Sounds like fun!" she agreed.

It took us a while to clamber up the huge window seat, but we made it eventually. "Aw, too bad it's raining." Megan commented. "Yeah," I said, "I guess the beach will have to wait 'til tomorrow."

Then Gwen and Kirsten joined us. "I hope it's sunny tomorrow!" Gwen said. "I know," Megan replied. "Rain was predicted all week!" We stood there in gloomy silence for a moment.

"Well, since we can't go outside, why don't we go sit on that huge, fancy bench?" suggested Kirsten. 

That also took us a while to get onto, but it was well worth it. "Now this is life" Gwen said, grandly. 

"I feel like Cleopatra," I said; adding, in a high voice. "Servant, another grape!" Everyone giggled. Because of the rain, we stayed inside all day and talked and played games. It was a lot of fun!

~ Rebecca and Kirsten


  1. That's a real bummer that it was raining, but I'm sure they will figure something out!

    1. Yeah, but it was still a great day!
      Rebecca and Kirsten


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