Sunday, September 1, 2013

What We've Won - Our Thoughts

Hello Everyone!! This summer, we have won a surprising amount of giveaways, so we decided to share pictures of our winnings and what we think of them with you!

#1 - outfit from Dolz Dreamzzz - won from Jessie at My Thoughtful Spot

This outfit includes a green and white pillowcase shirt and snug dark brown shorts. (The shoes were won in a giveaway at Our AG Adventures

The shirt - 
Pros: adorable fabric, cute style, very well constructed
Cons: too much fabric, it wants to billow; the fabric is stiff, it doesn't lay nicely.

The shorts-
Pros: fit the doll perfectly, look great with the shirt, very well constructed
Cons: none!

The shoes (we added them to the outfit for fun)-
Pros: cute style
Cons: a little bit long

Overall opinion: we love it! In spite of the fact that the shirt fits a little funny, it is still pretty cute!

#2 - Dress from The Whimsical Doll 2 - won from Our AG Adventures

Pros: cute fabric, very well sewn
Cons: is a wee bit large in the waist

Overall opinion: we're happy with it! We don't especially love this style dress, but with a few accessories, we think it looks perfect!

Here it is with the tie-front shirt and sandals that Christina made for us, we love it this way!

#3 - Outfit from Daydream Doll Boutique - won from Daydream Doll Boutique

This outfit includes a denim jacket, a flowery skirt, and white Mary Janes.

The jacket-
Pros: cute, lots of detail, fairly well constructed
Cons: collar is a bit on the high side, pockets are fake, is originally from Sophia's but the tag was cut off. 

The shoes-
Pros: fit well, well constructed
Cons: are a bit pointy, you can see the lining when the doll is wearing them

The skirt-
Pros: fits well, fairly well constructed
Cons: the elastic is a bit loose, making the gathering uneven when placed on the doll.

Overall opinion: we were disappointed with this outfit. The jacket and the shoes seemed rather cheaply made, and the skirt is very simple. Not that we don't like it, oh no, the separate pieces are very cute! We will probably wear this skirt a ton, and will definitely use the shoes and jacket, so don't get us wrong! We just expected a wee bit higher quality, that's all. :)

#4 - milk and s'mores from AGcessories - won from Danielle at American Girl #1 Fans

Overall opinion: super cute!!! We love the little milk carton, and the s'mores are perfect for camping!

#5 - sweet treats from Minnie Kitchen - won from Grace at It's My Life

Overall opinion: these are so realistic! They are the perfect size for us! We love that the frosting looks as though it were actually spread on!

Wow, we can't believe how much that was! Hopefully you all have won lots of giveaways, too!
Thanks for reading!
~Rebecca and Kirsten


  1. Wow that WAS a lot of giveaways! I think they're all really sweet!

    1. Wasn't it!! We couldn't believe it!

  2. You were awarded the elegant blogger award at :)


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