Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas Time

"Charlotte, wake up, it's Christmas!"
Someone was patting my head and I opened my eyes to see Kirsten looking right at me. 
"Come on," she said.
"Oh boy, Christmas!" I hopped up and we both slid down from the top bunk that we share.

"Wake up, Becca!" I said cheerfully. The mass of hair and curlers groaned.
"Becca, it's Christmas!"
"She's usually the first one up," Kirsten commented, "But those curlers can be pretty painful."
"Whew!" and with that she too slipped out of bed.

Stretching and yawing, winking and blinking, we were finally all up.
"Yikes, I'd forgotten what fun it is to sleep with curlers in," Becca exclaimed.
"Try sleeping with claw clips needling your head all night," I added.
"Hmm, I slept pretty well..." teased Kirsten.

We laughed as we stumbled to the closet and pulled out our outfits. We don't own any Christmas dresses - we really don't have many occasions for fancy clothes - but we dress up for each other as best we can.

"Can someone zip me up?" Kirsten asked.
"Why certainly, Madam," and with a curtsy that nearly sent her sprawling, Becca did so.
"What're you going to wear?" I asked Becca, who was looking into the closet.
"Hmm...I must admit I'm unsure," she said, "Aha, I've found just the thing!"

Once she too was dressed, Kirsten set about removing the curlers from Becca's hair, with many an "Ow!" from Becca and "Sorry," from Kirsten interjected throughout the process. While they finished their painful task, I undid my own hair from its little knots and set about fixing my curls.

Eventually, we were all dressed and trussed and seated around our tree.
"Well, Charlotte, why don't you open yours first?" Kirsten asked.
"If it's okay with Becca," I said.
"Pshaw, I don't care," she said, "just open it up already!"

We laughed and I reached for the one with my name on it. I had no idea what it could be.

"Oh wow, a hat!" I exclaimed, lifting it up. "It's so pretty, I love the cable knit!"
"And it'll go well with your snow clothes, too," Kirsten added.
"Thank you!" I said.

"Open yours now, Kirsten!" Becca exclaimed, handing it to her.
"Okay," she said, ripping it open.

"Oh, a sweater, it's beautiful! I love the pattern!" exclaimed Kirsten.
"It'll look really good with your eyes," I said.
"Thanks!" she said.

"Oh boy, now it's my turn!" Becca said, "I have absolutely no idea what it'll be!"
"Good," I laughed.

Becca ripped the paper off eagerly.

 "Snowshoes, awesome!" she said, "wow, thanks!"
"You're welcome!"
"Now if only it would snow..."

After we'd admired our gifts for a time, we cleaned up and Becca went to the piano. I brought out the cookies and we all sang Christmas carols and ate Christmas cookies together by the pretty tree.

It was the most wonderful Christmas ever! I hope yours was just as lovely!

~ Charlotte


  1. Beautiful pictures, as usual! Merry Christmas, Becca, Kirsten and Charlotte.

  2. We had a wonderful Christmas, and we are glad you did too!

  3. Merry Christmas Girls! I'm glad you had a wonderful Christmas!

  4. Those are wonderful presents and the girls looked adorable in their curlers!
    ~ Kiki

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